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Rivaldo: "Brazil is the favorite team to win the World Cup. Neymar should leave PSG t
Rivaldo: "Brazil is the favorite team to win the World Cup. Neymar should leave PSG to win trophies, it's a club without history"

[Image: 0071F45600000258-5646723-image-a-33_1524479941714.jpg]
You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login to view. If he was playing today, the Ballon d'Or race wouldn't be a two-man race anymore. Rivaldo is aware of that, as he answered sincerely when asked who's the best between Messi, Ronaldo and him: "I was a different player, a bit atypic, between the midfielder and the forward, but I liked to score goals and I always have - has he told to La Gazzetta dello Sport - It's now a different football, especially because at my time it was harder to be the best, there were a lot of champions while in the last ten years Cristiano Ronaldo and Messi have always shared the Ballon d'Or. There should be room for Neymar in the future.

If Neymar doesn't leave PSG he will never win anything big. Starting from the Champions League that is the competition that matters the most. The French league's level is not high enough compared to the English and Spanish ones. And he's playing in a club without history". ส โบ เบ็ ต

Strong words for the Brazilian, who also says the current Brazil isn't as strong as the 2002 one: "We had Ronaldo, the best of all times. Brazil is still favorite though. The strongest player I've played with in club? Kluivert. We really enjoyed ourselves together. Milan? Then it was a great club, but in the end of the first season I wasn't happy because I didn't play enough and I left for Cruzeiro in December. Gattuso as a coach? I didn't expect that but for someone like Rino, starting in Milan is ideal. It's true it's not the great Milan anymore though, champions are missing and you can't win without them". ส โบ เบ็ ต

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